H1N1 cases reported in northern Vietnam

Doctor Nguyen Hong Ha, Deputy Director of the Hanoi-based National hospital for Tropical Diseases, claimed on January 30 that the number of H1N1 infectious cases in Hanoi and the Northern provinces had risen.

The Infection Department at the hospital had received nearly 70 suspected cases within the last month of which 48 had tested positive. This was more worrisome, as 6 of the 48 cases were pregnant women.

Dr. Nguyen Hong Ha saw a rise of the deadly disease within the last two weeks and attributed the spread to the prolonged cold weather.

The Ministry of Health warned people to wear face masks, exercise caution in crowded public places such as bus stations and markets and maintain good personal hygiene like avoiding wiping the nose with one’s hand, exercising regularly and eating nutritious meals.

People most susceptible are pregnant women, children and chronically ill patients. Anyone suffering from a prolonged bout of fever or cough must not take any chances, but report to the nearest hospitals or medical clinics.

By N. Quoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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