Hand-foot-mouth may re-erupt in October

Health authorities fear that the hand-foot-mouth disease may re-erupt in October and are planning to kick off an aggressive campaign from next month, to clean and disinfect kindergartens throughout the city.

The Department of Health in the city is coordinating with the Department of Education and Training to train teachers and school staff on ways to prevent the spread of the disease during the next school semester.

Two more deaths have been reported in the Mekong Delta Provinces of Bac Lieu and Kon Tum in the Central Highlands. The disease has killed at least 85 people from 17 provinces nationwide so far this year.

Government statistics claim that the country has recorded more than 35,000 cases of hand-foot-mouth disease since the beginning of 2011.

Ho Chi Minh City has reported the highest number of hand-foot-mouth cases - nearly 8,000 infected cases and 24 fatalities. On an average more than 300 new cases are being admitted to hospitals in the city daily.

By T.Lam – Translated by Khanh My

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