Health Ministry urges its departments, hospitals to prevent diseases caused by hot weather

The Ministry of Health urged its local departments and hospitals nationwide to take measures against heat-related diseases such as dengue fever, hand-foot-mouth, meningitis and infectious diseases.

The Ministry of Health asks hospitals to improve treatment procedure to reduce patients' waiting time to see doctors (Photo: SGGP)

Moreover, the ministry asked its local departments to increase information of harmful effects of hot weather on people’s health condition including sunstroke, disorders of body temperature, dehydration, stroke, convulsion fits due to high fever and risk of food poison.

Especially, the ministry required the departments to spread information of heat-related diseases to vulnerable groups including elderly people, pregnant women, children, workers in hot working environment, farmers working in the sun, patients with heart disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes and diarrhea.

According to the Ministry’ request to medical facilities and the departments of health across the country, the healthcare facilities must provide enough chairs for all patients who waiting for their turn to see physicians. More fans must be installed and free drinking water is supplied for patients in airy places.

Hospitals must arrange its personnel to promote the treatment procedures to cut down waiting time. Medical workers must have good behaviors to patients and facilities should not let two and three patients in a bed.

Patients with contagious diseases must be separated to curb cross-infection in hospitals. Additionally, hospitals must prepare enough drugs for emergency treatment, beds and medical tools to deal with diseases caused by the heat.

By Nguyen Quoc – translated by Anh Quan

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