Hospitals in Hanoi overloaded due to weather change

The heat wave in Hanoi has caused an increase in ill children visiting the National Children Hospital for treatment.

The hospital has been receiving 3,500 toddlers per day, said Dr. Cu Thi Minh Hien, deputy head of the hospital’s Treatment Division. This is a 20 percent increase compared to last month.

The hospital is experiencing overcrowding in many divisions.

Doctors of the Children Division of Bach Mai Hospital examine and treat around 300 children a day.

The department has only 60 beds for 160 patients. As a result, up to six children are sharing beds.

Most patients suffer from respiratory disease, rhinitis, sore throat, pneumonia and meningitis, according to hospital doctors.

Many of them below six years old have pneumonia due to complication of measles. The drastic change from wet, cold weather to hot, dry weather has affected children’s immune systems.

By Minh Khang - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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