Inhabitants in Southwestern region suffer diabetes most

Southwestern region of Vietnam has most diabetes people, said the National Hospital of Endocrinology in Hanoi at a scientific seminar on endocrine held on October 4.

As more and more people suffer from diabetes, a diabetes prevention project has been implemented for six areas in the country to verify the number of people who have the disease and some diabetes-related dangers.

The project has studied over 11,000 people aged from 30 to 60. The project result shows that the rate of diabetes people nationwide is 5.42 percent.

The Southwestern region of the country has high proportion of diabetes people; coastal central provinces come next with 6.37 percent; the South East with 5.95 percent; the Red River Delta with 5.81 percent; the northern mountainous province with 4.82 percent and the highlands provinces with 3.82 percent.

Those who have fatty waist are at higher risk of having diabetes than those with normal waist size. High blood pressure patients are also at high risk of the disease, said the National hospital of Endocrinology at the seminar.

By Minh Khang – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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