Lead Content in XO Milk Higher than Viet Nam’s Standard

According to the result of the second examination conducted on April 20 by the inspectors from the Health Ministry, four XO milk samples from Korea (XO1, XO2 XO3, and XO4) contain high lead content.

Lead content in the samples is from 0.19- 0.43 mg/kg, which is higher than those in the first examination in December, 2005 with 0.107mg/kg.

XO milk in VIet Nam's market

However, lead content in XO milk has recently been 2mg/kg in the declared standard. Meanwhile, Hanoi-based Viet Anh Co., on this product, has previously registered lead content in milk of 0.02mg/kg with the Health Ministry's Food Hygiene and Safety Department. Currently, the declared standard of lead content in XO milk is 100 times higher than that of the previous registering document.

The index of safety and hygiene standards for food and foodstuffs regulates that possible lead content in milk products is 2mg/kg; in canned already-made food and nutrition powder for children is 0.5mg/kg.

According to health experts, lead content in XO milk must thus be 0.5mg/kg because this is a product for babies.

Inspectors of Health Ministry have requested Food Hygiene and Safety Department to clarify this department's permission for the enterprise to register such data.

By Q.P - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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