Man receives nine-month sentence for assaulting doctor

Can Ngoc Giang hailing from Noi Thon village in Hanoi’s Thach That District yesterday was sentenced to nine months in prison for attacking medical worker.

Dr. Le Quang Duong bleeds after the assault (Photo: SGGP)

Dr. Le Quang Duong bleeds after the assault (Photo: SGGP)

The case was concerned by the public because doctor Le Quang Duong was assaulted by Giang while the medical worker was providing examination to a patient.
As per indictment, Giang took his 10-month old son to the General Hospital in Hanoi’s Thach That District on April 13 because the neonate experienced sore throat and diarrhea. Medical workers were immediately provided intensive care to the baby yet on April 16, the family asked to transfer to another infirmary.
While doctor Duong was explaining the condition of the baby to the family, Can Ngoc Giang, threw a cup at a doctor’s head because he thought that the doctor had failed to properly treat his son. The doctor failed into coma after. Moreover, Giang and some relatives threatened the hospital’s medical workers.
Police officers took him to the station for further investigation.
Police decided to prosecute the case to deter people from assaulting medical workers.

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