Manufacturer of deadly spurious liquor to be prosecuted

Police in the northern province of Quang Ninh have decided to prosecute the manufacturer of ‘29 Hanoi’ liquor brand, for violating food safety and hygiene regulations.


The 29 Hanoi Import and Export Joint Stock Company located in Long Bien District is being blamed for the deaths of six men from December 2-4 and many others who are still under hospital treatment for deadly poisoning caused by spurious alcohol.

Following the deaths of these men in Quang Ninh Province after drinking ’29 Hanoi’ liquor, the Vietnam Food Administration under the Ministry of Health is now issuing a warning to the public not to consume any alcohol made by the 29 Hanoi Import and Export Joint Stock Company.

The liquor consumed by the victims contained methanol levels higher than acceptable limits. The products with high methanol content include the ‘29 Hanoi’ liquor brand, red wine and Vodka, all packaged on October 12.

Food inspectors have liaised with the company leaders and asked them to produce all documents relating to production of the liquor. The company was also asked to inform all agents and distributors across the country to stop sale of liquor immediately.

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By Ngoc Minh, Quoc Lap - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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