Neonate stabbed in head with knife temporarily saved

Ho Chi Minh City doctors managed to carry out an operation to temporarily save the life of an 11-day-old baby who was stabbed in the head by a stranger, said deputy director of the Children Hospital No.1 Dao Trong Hieu on August 8.

The baby is treated in the Children Hospital No.1 (Photo: SGGP)

The neonate was transferred from the General Hospital in the Mekong Delta of Vinh Long to the hospital after he was suddently stabbed in the skull through the eye socket.

Doctors of the hospital had a consultation with their counterparts in Hospital 115 about the operation. The surgeons took a 28-centimeter-long knife out of the head of the infant.

After the three-hour surgery, the neonate’s condition was stable

The baby is a son of Vo Thi Hong Duyen, 32 years old, in Vung Liem District of Vinh Long province. He had been taken to the local hospital for pneumonia treatment before being stabbed by a woman.

The woman, Nguyen Thi Van, 51, from the neighboring province of Ben Tre, was soon arrested by safe guards of the hospital. The woman was provided medical help as she suffered convulsion fits and suicidal signs.

Dr. Hieu sais that one day after the surgery the health condition of the neonate was stable and medical workers have used strong antibiotics for infection prevention.

By Anh Tuan – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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