New circular on drivers' health for safety reason

As per the Ministry of Health's circular on drivers' health, people with poor vision are not granted certificates of health for safety reason.

Those who are not satisfied health requirements will be prohibited from driving.
The Ministry and some other agencies reported in a draft joint circular that those people along with some others must not be allowed to ride motorbikes or drive cars or trucks.

The draft circular stipulates that drivers must have their health checked against the following nine categories: psychiatrics, neurology, eyes, ears-nose-throat, musculoskeletal and joint systems, respiration, use of medication and psychotropic substances – including heroin, cocaine, morphine, ritalin, and amphetamine – alcohol, and other mental stimulants or hallucination-causing substances in order to be qualified for driving in Vietnam.

In addition, people who use the noted drugs, failing to recognize three basic colors – red, yellow, and green – and have at least one limb paralyzed are among those do not meet health requirements for drivers.

Moreover, people who are on medication that adversely affects the ability to control their senses are also not eligible for driving. 

Those will be unqualified drivers if they have eye vision of 4/10, are hunchbacked, crippled hand or leg or suffer from backbone deformities, among other conditions.  
Those who drive heavy vehicles must satisfy stricter requirements including having eye visio of 8/10, not having mental illnesses and asthma.

By Khanh Nguyen - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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