No Human Infections by H7N3 Confirmed in Viet Nam: Health Official

The pathogenic avian influenza A (H7N3) virus, a deadly form of the widespread bird flu, has not yet laid hands on anyone in Viet Nam, stressed Preventive Health Department Head Nguyen Huy Nga.

A chicken receives vaccination from a local health officer

No report of any case of H7N3 being transmitted to a human being has been received by the Ministry of Health from the World Health Organization (WHO), he added.

Nga added that, over the last four months, no new case of H5N1 in humans has been reported, but the dangerous virus still exists in poultry in some areas.

Nga said it is still possible the country may experience a reoccurrence of widespread bird flu or H5N1 human infections as lower temperatures in the winter-spring period aid the mutation of the virus.

The Health Ministry has tightened control over environmental sanitation in areas previously hit by bird-flu epidemics and it is to conduct a bird flu drill besides carrying out measures at entry points to prevent suspected poultries from entering the nation in January 2008. 

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By Q.L – Translated by Khanh Hong

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