No pesticides found in field crabs: Food Administration

The Food Safety Administration under the Ministry of Health on December 6 confirmed that eight samples tested of field crabs were found to be free of pesticides.

The samples were tested after a rumor that farmers in some of the central provinces were catching field crabs by spraying them with pesticides and then selling them to markets in Hanoi.

The Food Safety Administration then asked its subsidiary in Hanoi to take samples for testing which showed no traces of any pesticides. 

Accordingly, the administration has assured the public that field crabs are safe for consumption.

The Administration also quashed all rumors that instant noodles contained worms or leeches in them, saying the product is produced in a closed highly technological environment under strict hygienic and safe conditions.

Such rumors have caused a great deal of concern among the public across the country.

By N. Khanh - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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