Rove beetles plagues in North Vietnam

A small, poisonous beetle is plaguing the lives of residents in Hanoi and northern provinces.

Rove beetle

Insect experts said that the beetle lives in the rice fields and gardens. As rice fields in the North have been harvested, they have followed wind to enter residential areas that are near to fields. They are active during the day and attracted to bright lights after nightfall.

Deputy head of the National Hospital of Dermatology and Venereology  Le Huu Danh said that the hospital admitted hundreds of people; many of them have serious skin problem.

Medical experts advised people to clean beds, sleeping mats before going to bed; to close all windows and door; and to draw the curtain when turning on lights in houses.

Additionally, people should not kill the insect when the insect stay on their body  because the insect produces Pederin, a highly bioactive natural product, but blow it away.

Moreover, people should use salt water to wash the poison on the skin and apply ointment on the madamaged skin areas.

By Minh Khang – translated by Uyen Phuong

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