Second Pentaxim vaccination opens in Hanoi Preventive Medicine Center

Nguyen Nhat Cam, director of Hanoi Center of Preventive Medicine yesterday said that the center opened the second online registration of Pentaxim vaccine starting at 9AM.

Parents can register through the website to know more about details of vaccination.

Online registration aims to prevent long lines of parents who elbowed each other in front of the center.
Parents of babies born from March 1, 2014 to December 3, 2015 who had not been injected before should register this time. Those are successful in registering will get a notice of details of date and time they should take their babies to the center for vaccination.

In the first Pentaxim vaccination in Hanoi, medical workers had been administered nearly 29,000 dozes of vaccine and the center was allocated with 5,600 dozes. 

Additionally, the center has the remaining of 504 dozes; accordingly the second vaccination will immunize 6,104 dozes.

By Quoc Lap - Translated by Anh Quan

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