Swollen liver threatens bone-marrow boy

Three days after receiving the first bone-marrow transplant at Hanoi’s Central Paediatrics Hospital, seven-year-old Dang Gia Hung was diagnosed with an enlarged liver. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Liem, Director of the hospital, says the treatment will last five to seven days, after which doctors will know whether the transplant has been successful.

Dr. Liem says the risk of an arterial embolism after a bone-marrow transplant is 10-12%.

Though the treatment is complicated, the result is usually positive, so the current prognosis of Gia Hung's case is pretty good.

However, a swollen liver was seen only three days after the operation, causing doctors to decide to put the patient on anti-coagulants to prevent an arterial embolism.

Gia Hung’s sister, who donated the marrow, has been visiting her brother in a special room where he is recuperating from the operation.

First Bone Marrow Transplant at Central Paediatrics Hospital

By Q.P - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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