Taiwanese man infected with Zika after coming to Vietnam

A Taiwanese 63 year old man was diagnosed with the mosquito-borne virus after attending his son’s wedding ceremony in Vietnam, announced Head of the Department of Preventive Medicine Professor Tran Dac Phu on Friday.

The man came to Vietnam from August 28 to September 4. When he returned Taiwan on September 6, he had fever, swollen lymph node and headache. He was hospitalized on September 8 and his test results shows that he was positive for Zika virus.

The man stayed in Duy Tung hotel in the Mekong delta province of Tra Vinh’s Duyen Hai Town during his trip in the country.

To actively prevent the disease from spreading in the community, the Department of Preventive Medicine urged the Department of Health in Tra Vinh to urgently verify the outbreak and factors to transmit the disease in the district the Taiwanese man stayed to early detect other cases as well as send samples to Pasteur Institute for testing.

Additionally, the local health authority must adopt measures to handle the outbreak and preventive measures. The local meadia must increase information of the Zika virus disease and dengue fever to inhabitants to have good cooperation between authority and the community.

By Quoc Lap - translated by Anh Quan

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