Technology 3D applied for operating atrial septal defect

Director of Hospital E Le Ngoc Thanh yesterday said that surgeons of the heart center in the hospital has successfully applied technology 3D in performing operation.

Technology 3D applied for operating atrial septal defect

Surgeons have utilized the technology on the first patient, a 68 year old woman in the northern province of Nam Dinh. The female patient was hospitalized when she suffered pain in left chest, breathing problem, fatigue and she weighed 34kg.
Moreover, six months ago, she was diagnosed to have Atrial septal defect (ASD) – a hole in the heart.
After examining, doctors decided to perform a surgery because the hole is too big which can badly affect on lung function and coronary arteries feeding cardiac muscles.
Worse, doctors also found that the patient had severe coronary thrombosis and they needed to intervene early.
After a meeting was convened to choose the best surgery methods for the female patient, medical workers decided to use technology 3D operation on her.
To widen the patient’s coronary artery, surgeons placed stent through the skin, followed by complete laparoscopic surgery using 3D technology through small cavities in the chest in order to treat ASD.
One day after the operation, she recovered quickly. Only small scars from 1-1.5cm are seen in her body after the operation.
Dr. Le Ngoc Thanh said this is the first time the technology has been applied in cardiovascular surgery in Vietnam. Technology 3D makes the surgery to be extremely "real" with clear surgical images of the heart, blood vessels or lung; accordingly, it helps the surgeons to proceed smoothly, while shortening surgery times and limiting the risks.

Furthermore, cost of treatment and operation with technology 3D is not much expensive in comparison to normal endoscopy.
The technique has received high praise from international doctors when it was introduced globally.


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