Thousands of calls to healthcare hot line for poor service

There have been nearly 10,000 calls to a hot line of healthcare, complaining poor service and bad behaviors of medical workers after one year of setting up the hot line, said the Ministry of Health yesterday.

The hot line was set up at offices of the ministry, departments of health and hospitals. Most patients complained poor facility of hospital and bad behaviors of nurses and doctors to patients and their relatives, treatment procedures, hospital charges and paper formality procedures as well as security in hospitals.

Patients also reported negative activities such as wheedling money out of patients or patients’ relatives. However, there have also been calls to appraise devoted doctors or teams of good medical workers.

In 2014, over 6.8 medical workers have been reminded of their bad behaviors to patients; 137 others were reprimanded; 116 were cut salary as a form of reprimanding; 18 were asked to do other jobs; 6 were dismissed and 4 were chucked out of the job.

By Minh Khang - translated by Uyen Phuong

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