Toxic syrups, fruit juices recalled from market

The Food Safety and Hygiene Department confirmed Friday that the three companies importing syrup and fruit juices contaminated with toxic DEHP chemical have recalled nearly 1,400 bottles from the market.

The Gia Thinh Phat Company, Nhat Phu Quy Company and Ha Thanh Company are the three companies who have recalled toxic products from the market.

The Gia Thinh Phat Company in Tan Binh District has recalled apple, grapefruit and litchi flavored syrups from 46 stores in the city and from five stores in some provinces.

The Nhat Phu Quy Company in District 3 has withdrawn passion fruit, litchi and mango fruit juices from six stores in the city while the Ha Thanh Company in Binh Thanh District has recalled 16 varieties of syrups from four stores in the city.

Korean brand of instant noodles, namely ‘Shin Ramyun’ and ‘Shin Ramen’ suspected of containing toxic DEHP, were imported by the Nhat Minh Thanh Company in Tan Binh District.

Samples of the instant noodles coming in from Korea and China have been taken for testing. The test results will be out next week.

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Q. Chi – Translated by Ngoc Thanh

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