Unknown Disease in An Giang not Epidemic: Official

Yesterday, a senior health official confirmed that a mysterious disease that has been spreading in southern Viet Nam causing victims to contort their mouths, manifest glassy eyes and mild paralysis is not an epidemic.

According to Dr. Nguyen Huy Nga, director of the Preventive Health Department  of the Ministry of Health, after receiving reports from the An Giang Province Preventive Health Center, the PHD assigned three doctors to visit An Giang Province's Phuoc Hung Commune where almost 40 cases suffered from the mysterious disease.

But the doctors; one from the HCMC Institute of Epidemic Prevention, another from the HCMC Pasteur Institute and the last from the HCMC Children’s Hospital No.1, could not point out the cause of the ailment.

All the victims were reported to exhibit similarly odd symptoms, including contortion of the mouth, glassy eyes and mild paralysis.

Mr. Nga pointed out that the HCMC Pasteur Institute’s latest investigative report on the epidemiology of the disease asserts that such symptoms may simply indicate a new kind of disease, not an epidemic as no germ nor transmission factor has been found during the investigation.

Mr. Ly Ngoc Kinh, Director of the Treatment Department of the MoH, considers the new disease as a possible poisoning where antibiotics and nerve medicines could be utilized for treatment.

While the cause of the disease has not been identified, effective measures are needed for the local people to prevent themselves from the disease including improving environmental sanitation, personal hygiene, and food safety and hygiene, added Mr. Kinh.

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By Q.L. – Translated by Phuong Lan

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