Vietnam among countries with most number of smokers

According to a global survey one out of every two Vietnamese male adults is a smoker, announced Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Thi Xuyen on April 23 at a conference in Hanoi, organized for the implementation of an anti-tobacco law and the National Strategy for Tobacco Harm Prevention from now until 2020.

The survey also pointed out that Vietnam is among the 15 countries with the most number of smokers, especially male smokers.

More worrisome, nearly eight million people are passive smokers at workplaces and 47 million are exposed at homes.

Passive smoking is harmful for everyone, but children, pregnant women and spouses remain the most vulnerable.

The public has the right to live in a non-smoking environment and protect themselves from passive inhalation.

Consequently, tobacco-related illnesses such as stroke, coronary, chronic obstructive pulmonary and lung cancer have increased dramatically in the country.

According to a recent health survey, around 11 percent of male deaths are due to tobacco-related ailments, while the World Health Organization estimates that every year Vietnam has approximately 40,000 deaths from tobacco inhalation.

Since it was adopted last June, the target of and the National Strategy for Tobacco Harm Prevention has been to reduce the habit of smoking among males, females and youth and control supply of tobacco products in markets. If the country’s health agencies don’t apply anti-tobacco measures effectively, 70,000 people will die at an average every year.

The Deputy Health Minister said a law against tobacco will take effect on May 1, with the sole aim to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco. The law will call for a ban on public smoking in hospitals, schools, bus stations and impose fines on violators.

By Khanh Nguyen – Translated by Bao Long

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