Vietnam quarantines man suspected of having Ebola virus

A 27 year old man who suspected to have been effected by Ebola virus was quarantined after entering Vietnam through Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, yet he has tuberculosis, said the Hospital of Tropical Disease in HCMC yesterday.

The man, native of the central province of Binh Thuan, has left an African nation for the Southeast Asian country. His body temperature showed to have high fever; accordingly, he was examined. Medical workers reported the man to have breathing problem and coughing.

Further investigation showed also that before he was suffering cough, breathing problem; high fever and poor appetite when he was working in Freetown – capital and largest city of Sierra Leone. As per medical investigation, the man lost 10 kilogram within 10 days and was forced to return Vietnam because he could not work any more.

Suspecting that he was infected with Ebola virus, medical workers in Tan Son Nhat Airport soon kept him under observation and took him to the hospital of Tropical Disease for further treatment. Blood tests soon showed that he was negative with Ebola virus.

Doctors detected his serious lung injury through watching X-ray image; accordingly doctors said he was suffering tuberculosis and isolated him in the hospital’s Lung Ward

By GIA PHU – translated by Uyen Phuong

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