Vietnamese herbal doctor awarded certificates of recognition

Representatives from the Asian Record Organization (ARO) yesterday granted certificate of recognition to herbal doctor Phung Tuan Giang, owner of Tho Xuan Duong Oriental Medicine Pharmacy in Hanoi.

Herbal doctor Phung Tuan Giang was recognized as a physician who provides treatment to most international patients in the world with Vietnamese herbal medicine.

According to ARO, the Tho Xuan Duong Oriental Medicine Pharmacy has treated more than 150,000 international patients from 102 nations worldwide. The herbal physician’s deed and his pharmacy’s achievement have contributed to honor Vietnamese traditional medicine to the world.

Also the World Records University gave the Ph.D of Honor and the World Complexity Science Academy awarded the Creative Golden Disk to Dr. Phung Tuan Giang for his achievements to the community which has a deeply human value.

Herbal physician Phung Tuan Giang was born in 1974 in Thanh Tri District in Hanoi. He graduated from Vietnam Institute of Traditional Medicine and is the 16th generation of well-known Phung family which  practiced traditional medicine for four century.

Physician Giang and his colleagues have researched and developed Vietnamese traditional medicines to treat life-threatening diseases.

By Quoc Lap – Translated by Anh Quan

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