Vietnamese hospital removes polyps to treat rectal cancer

The Medicine University Hospital yesterday announced that it has applied new technique of removing polyps in treating rectal cancer

Vietnamese hospital removes polyps to treat rectal cancer

The new technique helps reducing the re-occurrence rate.
The success rate is high and no people suffer complications afterwards. It takes averagely 60-80 minutes to remove polyps during a colonoscopy, where a long flexible tube with a small video camera on the end is inserted through the person’s rectum and into the colon.
Through tests, the presence of cancer cells within the stalk portion of the polyp has been found in around 70 percent of patients. Cancer expert will work together to decide the treatment methodologies.
Additionally, X-ray experts and surgeons will assess how fast the polyps spread to other parts of the organ upon which they will choose most suitable treatment.
A 46 year old woman from the Mekong delta province of Tien Giang was treated by advanced technique. She was undergoing surgery for rectal cancer two years ago, yet it reoccurred.
Teams of surgeons in the hospital decided to perform a colonoscopy to remove all cancer cell.
By the hospital’s statistics, around 300 people with rectal cancer undergo an operation annually; of whom, the rate of people under 40 years old is 8 percent.
Rectal cancer is common and its mortality rate is 9 percent in the world. In Vietnam, the cancer is one of top five most common cancers.
Cases of colon cancer and rectal cancer are usually occurring among elderly and middle-aged adults yet recent studies showed that the rate of young people having the cancer is 2-10 percent.

By THANH SON – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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