Washing hands campaign launched in Thong Nhat Hospital

Thong Nhat Hospital and A Dong Pharmaceutical Company yesterday signed a pledge in which doctors promised to wash their hands before examining patients to protect patients.

Doctors and representatives from WHO are practising washing hands at the ceremony (Photo:SGGP)

Annually, according to the World Health Organization’s figures, there exists hundreds million disease relating to medical cleanliness.

Accordingly WHO launched the campaign to wash hands aiming to focus on the importance of hand hygiene. Keeping their hands cleanly is the best way to prevent virus transmission to human to protect patients.

WHO will continue coordinate with the Ministry of Health and medical clinics in the country to expand the washing hands campaign.

Representatives from the World Health Organization, and the Ministry of Health attended the signing ceremony.

By Nguyen Trung – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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