All households in controversial vegetable garden have houses in other places

The representative of Tan Binh district People’s Committee yesterday affirmed that 134 households exploiting 4.8 hectares of vegetable garden land in Ward 6, Tan Binh district have other houses outside the area.
Their illegal construction works in the agricultural land, planned for public works, were used for rent or catering business. The area had been a place for crimes such as gambling, drug addiction. Hence, the district’s handling of illegal construction and land encroachment on January 4 and 8 were not “forcing residents out to street.”
To those living in removed rental rooms, the district has given VND3 million in rent a month and a financial aid of VND2 million each household. Tan Binh district will provide them extra assistance.
According to Tan Binh district People’s Committee, construction violations in the area quickly spread last year. Within about one year from January 1, 2018 later on, local authorities spotted 42 unlicensed works there, equal to the total number in the previous ten years.
Analyzing reason for the issue, the committee’s representative said that the district had met difficulties in handling violating works, for instance fast construction pace. Still he admitted that the bad management has contributed to the long lasting violation.
The ward and the district officials took responsibility for the issue, said the representative.
The district People’s Committee said that the coercive dismantlement of illegal construction works in the vegetable garden area aims at preventing the violation from quickly spreading in agricultural land and reducing social evils such as gambling and drug addiction in the area.

By Hoang Phuong – Translated by Ngoc Thanh

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