City plans to incorporate climate change program

At a meeting held yesterday to discuss adopting of the climate change program with relevant agencies, Ho Chi Minh City Chairman Le Hoang Quan stated that the implementation of the program has to suit the city’s socio-economic growth. 

Quan said the program must co-exist with the city’s anti-flood program, sustainable urban development planning and fighting the traffic gridlock.

Due to the city’s limited budget and shortage of personnel in carrying out the program, relevant agencies should conduct the program step by step.

Priority must be given to urban planning, water management, energy consumption, agricultural output, waste disposal, community healthcare and national security.

Adopting the climate change program from now until 2015 is expected to cost more than VND26, 000 billion (US$ 1,300 million).

By Ng. Kh - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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