City to face 2 mil kWh power shortage next quarter

Ho Chi Minh City will face a power shortfall of up to 2 million kWh per day in the second quarter, but it can be made up by thrifty usage, an energy expert has said.

Daily supply from the Electricity of Vietnam Group is expected to be 46.8 million-53 million kWh, the Department of Industry and Trade said.

It has urged manufacturing companies to schedule their operations for off-peak hours and to install generators.

Huynh Kim Tuoc, director of the HCM City Energy Conservation Center, said it is not difficult to bridge the gap if all households and commercial and administrative agencies conserve electricity.

If 1.8 million households do not use air-conditioners for just 30 minutes a day, they will save 900,000 kWh, he said.

If factories, which use 5.2 billion kWh a year, can reduce power use by just 5 percent, they will save 800,000 kWh a day, he said.

Office buildings and 2,800 government agencies in the City can save another 100,000 kWh by reducing consumption by 10 percent, he added.

Tuoi Tre

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