City to remove obstacles along traffic accident-prone spots

Le Toan, deputy director of the Department of Transport in Ho Chi Minh City on Feb.20 asked relevant agencies to complete within one month the task of reviewing 24 highly accident-prone traffic spots in the city and find ways to clear those obstacles by the end of the second quarter this year.

Traffic congestion during peak hours in Ho Chi Minh City (Photo:SGGP)

The department has instructed its agencies to implement plans to reduce the number of traffic accidents by 10 per cent this year.

Toan said that it is not easy to achieve this target, of reducing traffic accidents by 10 per cent this year, however, measures must be taken all the same.

Measures include addressing the various causes of accidents at all accident-prone spots, clearing kerbs and pavements that are being   occupied by vendors and for parking, clearly marking lanes for vehicular entry as one or two-way, and mark separate lanes for four and two-wheel vehicles.

The department will also complete segregating lanes for four and two-wheel vehicles along 31 roads, and remove obstacles along 30 spots that are prone to traffic jams.

The Urban Traffic Management Zones under the Department of Transport will make appropriate changes on 17 crossroads in the city to increase road width and ease traffic flow.

By Q.Hung – Translated by T.Huong

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