HCM City continues its steady development, city leader says

Ho Chi Minh City has achieved considerable achievements in the past five years and will continue overcoming challenges to maintain a sustainable development, chairman of the city People’s Committee, Le Hoang Quan, has said.

HCM City People's Committee chairman Le Hoang Quan

He made the statement in a recent talk with Sai Gon Giai Phong, reviewing the city’s social and economic development in the past five years, on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of National Day (September 2).

Reporter: What are the city’s most significant achievements in the past 5 years?

Mr. Quan: The city has experienced different development periods in the past five years, with different advantages and challenges in each period. In 2008-2009, the global financial crisis led to an economic recession in many countries all over the world including Vietnam.

In that period, Ho Chi Minh City, under the leadership of the city Party Committee and People’s Committee, applied effective solutions to gradually overcome the impacts of the crisis and maintain growth.

In 2008, the city focused its efforts on restraining inflation; in 2009, it applied necessary measures to prevent an economic recession; and since the beginning of this year, it has been taken solutions to accelerate the economic recovery and boost growth.

With its great efforts, the city is likely to achieve an average GDP growth of 11 percent per year in the 2006-2010 period. The rate is one percent lower than target, but it is a significant achievement if taking into account of the impacts of the crisis on the national economy.

The city’s economy has currently expanded by 1.7 times from 2005, with its GDP per capita now amounting to US$2,800, 1.68 times from five years ago.

With such good performance, the city has continued to play the leading role in economic development in the South as well as the whole country. The city has maintained the political stability and social order, expanded its regional and international cooperation, boosted investments in its urban technical infrastructure, and strengthened its policy on social security.

However, there remain many problems that needs to be addressed soon.

Reporter: What are those problems?

Mr. Quan: The city’s infrastructure has been improved, but it has yet to meet the expectations of the city authorities. For instance, many streets have still been flooded in rainy seasons, and the traffic congestion has remained a big inconvenience to the public.

In addition, bureaucracy has caused troubles to the public; a part of civil servants has not been wholehearted in the service for the public; and the gap between rich and poor has remained large.

All these issues will be discussed and resolved by the city’s government in its next term.

A part of HCM City, where the GDP per capita this year amounts to US$2,800 (Photo: Dothi.net) 

Reporter: What experience have you learned the most from your work as the leader of the city’s government?

Mr. Quan: The city is an economic and financial hub of the country, so all decisions related to the city’s development need a due consideration, since they will not only influence the city itself, but it may also influence the entire country.

Therefore, before making and adopting any decision, a government leader must analyze and synthesize all relevant information, consider the forecasts from relevant agencies, and listen to the feedback from the public.

In addition, the city government should not be complacent about its achievements, since along with favorable conditions there may be potential problems that may arise any time.

Reporter: What has impressed you most so far in your work as the city’s leader?

Mr. Quan: What has left a deep impression in me is the patriotism of the city’s residents, who have been contributed remarkably to the city’s social and economic development.  Many policies have been adopted based on the public opinions.

From the bottom of my heart, I have a great appreciation for all contributions of every citizen to the city’s development.

By Van Anh – Translated by Truc Thinh

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