HCM City helping beggars find work

The administration of HCM City has used a range of programmes to support thousands of beggars find jobs and stabilise their lives, while sending others back to their home province.

It also aimed to make the city tourist-friendly and beggar free.

A woman who benefited from one such programme, living in Thu Duc District, said she now earned about VND4 million (US$180) monthly to cover living costs.

"I work hard and earn money each month, so my life is not hard as before," she said.

After seeing her begging in the city, an authorised agency sent her to a social welfare centre. She finished a short training course and found work at a garment company.

Statistics from the city's department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, showed that social welfare centres received about 2,000-3,000 beggars and homeless people each year.

Centres gave those living in the city a short training course and then they could look for a job. People coming from other provinces would be sent to their hometown. Le Chu Giang, head of the department's Social Welfare Office said more than 90 per cent of beggars living in the city came from other provinces

They often returned to the city after being sent to their hometown because their hometown's administration failed to support them, he said.

Giang claimed that the city was closely working with other provinces to fix the situation.

Despite attempts made by the department, a lot of beggars, mainly children, elderly, and people with disabilities were still seen at several places such as Cat Lai T-junction in District 2; Hang Xanh area in Binh Thanh District; and Park 23/9 in District 1, said Giang.

Giang called upon people not to give money to beggars. He encouraged the public to call the hotline 38.292491 – run during working hours, and 35.533258 – running 24 hours per day to inform authorised agencies if they saw any beggars in the city.


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