HCMC proposes converting Ba Son ship wharf into pier of river tour

The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has proposed the Ministry of Transport to convert ship wharf at Ba Son shipyard area in the city downtown into pier for river tours, said the committee office yesterday.

According to the proposal, the wharfs H, K, L in Sai Gon River in district 1 with the length of 377.8 meter are located in the bordering areas of Sai Gon – Ba Son complex center of investor Thien Nien Ky Company.
Lately, the company has stopped all sea-exploiting activities. The company petitioned to use 377.8 meter-long Ba Son wharf into pier for river tours. The pier can also receive all boats for tourism.
On one hand, the pier can be used for tourism; on the other hand, development of river tour can help reducing traffic congestion in roads.
Once, the proposal is approved, the company will submit detailed design and build several more supporting construction ashore to connect river and road traffic.

By QUOC HUNG - Translated by NHA CA

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