China urges ceasefire in Libya

China is once again calling for an end to the fighting in Libya. It expressed "deep concern" at reported civilian casualties in the North African country, caused by multinational military strikes.

Jiang Yu, Chinese FM spokeswoman

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu reiterated China's stance to seeking a peaceful end to the issue. She says the UN resolution on a no-fly zone over Libya is aimed to protect civilians.

China also opposes the abuse of force causing civilian casualties and humanitarian disasters. Reports say at least 64 Libyans have been killed and 150 others wounded by missiles and bombs fired by foreign forces over the weekend.

Jiang Yu, Chinese FM spokeswoman said "We've seen reports of how the use of armed force is causing civilian casualties, and we oppose the wanton use of armed force leading to more civilian casualties and more humanitarian disasters. Libya reportedly ordered a ceasefire on its military forces. We again call on all sides to observe an immediate ceasefire, to resolve their differences through peaceful means."


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