Hillary Clinton Says 'No Decisions' Yet on 2008 White House Race

US Senator  Hillary Clinton

US Senator Hillary Clinton says she has made "no decisions" as yet about running for the US presidency.

Her comments came late Friday during her first-ever debate against the Republican challenger for her US Senate seat -- an event nominally about next month's congressional election, but which focused largely on the former first lady's possible 2008 White House bid.

"Obviously, people are talking about whether I will or should be running for president, and I'm flattered by that," Clinton said when asked if she would serve an entire six-year term if re-elected to her Senate seat.

"If that is a concern for people, they should factor that into their decision in November. But I have made no decisions," she said.

The New York Democrat deflected repeated questions about whether she could do a better job than Republican president George W. Bush, and about whether Americans are ready for a woman president.

"I'm not going there," she replied, laughing.

Spencer meanwhile, accused her of using her Senate seat as a launch pad for higher office.

"I'm the only one standing on this platform that wants to be a United States senator for the people of New York for six years," the conservative former mayor of the city of Yonkers, New York admonished Clinton.

"She was given a welcome mat and I believe she's using it as a doormat to get to the White House," Spencer said.

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