Maid's lawyer claims other Strauss-Kahn victims

NEW YORK, Aug 10, 2011 (AFP) - A lawyer for the maid accusing Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault says that "many" other women have complained about the French politician's behavior.

"We've spoken to many women who've recounted what he has done to them, both physically and psychologically," Doug Wigdor, an attorney for Nafissatou Diallo, told France 24 television in an interview broadcast Wednesday.

"In our complaint, we are going to seek to introduce that evidence at trial to show his motivations and her lack of consent."

Diallo has filed a civil lawsuit claiming unspecified compensation in a New York court for what she calls a "sadistic attack" involving oral sex on May 14 in Strauss-Kahn's New York hotel room, where she had gone to clean.

Strauss-Kahn, who resigned as head of the International Monetary Fund after the scandal erupted, has pleaded not guilty to criminal charges. His lawyers charge Diallo, a Guinean immigrant, with trying to make money out of their wealthy client.

The lawsuit filed Monday claims Strauss-Kahn had assaulted women in "hotel rooms around the world."

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