Monthly US Death Toll in Iraq Hits 101

Americans ask their government to withdraw army from Iraq in a demonstration on Sep. 10, 2006 at the Ground Zero, New York.

The number of American military personnel and civilian contractors killed in Iraq in October has hit 101, US military command said Monday, in one of the bloodiest months since the invasion.

Four non-American coalition soldiers were also killed, it added.

In all, 59 US army soldiers, 31 marines, two navy sailors and an airman have been killed in action, while two soldiers and a marine have died of "non-combat related causes," the US-led coalition said.

In addition, five US civilians were killed in attacks, bringing the monthly toll for the coalition as a whole to 105, the highest coalition casualty count since January 2005, when 107 US and 10 British troops died.

"One marine assigned to Regimental Combat Team 5 died Sunday from injuries sustained due to enemy action while operating in Al-Anbar Province," a statement said, without giving further details.

 Anbar is the heartland of the Sunni insurgency in Iraq and includes the restive cities of Fallujah and Ramadi. A US spokesman said last week that the marines were involved in a fierce battle to "recapture" Ramadi.

At least 2,810 members of US forces have now been killed or died accidentally in the Iraq campaign since the March 2003 invasion, according to an AFP count based on Pentagon figures.

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