Singapore Finds 20 More Melamine-tainted Products

Singapore has discovered toxic chemical melamine in 20 more products from China and Malaysia, taking its total to 33, authorities said.

Three Chinese products and 17 biscuit items from Malaysia were found to contain melamine, the industrial chemical at the centre of a toxic milk scandal which has rocked China's dairy sector.

The affected items include popular products such as Lotte Koala biscuits and Julie's crackers, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) said in a statement seen on its website on Saturday.

It was the first time Singapore had found melamine in non-Chinese products, the Straits Times said.

In China, four children have died after drinking baby formula tainted with melamine, which is commonly used in plastics but had been added to watered-down milk to make it appear richer in protein.

Authorities in China say 53,000 children have fallen ill in the scandal, which has spread worldwide with dozens of products found to contain the contaminated milk


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