Thai, Myanmar Floods Leave 173 Dead

Flood victims shift their belongings to a safer place in the outskirts of Mandalay in central Myanmar, October 12
The death toll from severe flooding in Thailand and neighboring Myanmar has risen to 173, as central Thailand continued to battle against high waters, officials have said.

The floods began in late August, and at their peak earlier this month had inundated 47 of Thailand's 76 provinces, as well as broad swaths of central and eastern Myanmar.

In Thailand, 154 people have been killed, while 3.5 million have suffered damages from the floods, the interior ministry said in a statement Friday.

Nineteen people have been killed in neighboring Myanmar.

Concerns about high waters on the Chao Phraya River, which runs through Bangkok and has flooded in some areas, prompted the city to cancel the annual Loy Kratong festival set for November 5.

Traditionally Thais celebrate the festival by setting small banana leaf floats with flowers, candles and incense on the river to honor the water goddess.

Source: AFP

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