Thailand to set up e-tax payment system

Thailand’s Revenue Department aims to establish a database to unify all electronic transactions and payments into a tax data system within the next three years, according to the Vietnamnews in Bangkok.

Tender documents will be opened in this October and the winner will complete the installation of the e-tax system in 2019, said Prasong Poontaneat, Head of the Revenue Department.

The system will allow tax agencies to make collections with e-data collecting points in shops nationwide.

Thailand’s Ministry of Finance plans that big, medium and small enterprises will start paying tax online in 2017, 2018 and 2019, respectively.

The Revenue Department will collect the payment history of small and medium businesses participating in the programme, and the system will search businesses with two accounts to avoid double taxation.

Establishing the e-tax system is a part of efforts to turn Thailand into a cashless society

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