Barefoot scientist wins lawsuit about copyright in Vietnam

A farmer in the highlands province of Dak Lak won over VND400 million from a lawsuit about violation of copyright on June 17-18 in Vietnam.

Inspectors discover the brick fabricating machine at Viet My Company

Farmer Hoang Thinh, who was granted copyright certificate for his invention of  brick fabricating machine and called “barefoot scientist” as he had designed and built many products for farming works, sued Nguyen Dinh My, an owner of Viet My brick production company in Dak Lak’s district Krong Ana.

Mr. My has used the brick fabricating machine at his company without Mr. Thinh’s approval. Mr. My was ordered to pay Mr. Thinh over VND350 million and VND60 million for lawyer expenditure and VND13 cost.

After the court wrapped up, Mr. Thinh announced to give over VND380 million to help the Blinded People Association in the province.

Mr. Thinh’s invention of brick fabricating machine has so far  given many prizes including gold prize at the Vietnam Technology and Equipment Exhibition in 2003 and Hai Phong – Integration Exhibition in 2004,  a prize in the competition for technical creativity launched by the Viet Nam Fund for Supporting Scientific and Technological Creations (VIFOTEC)  in 2005, a national’s model creativeness prize in 2006.

Source: local newspaper – Translated by Quan Nhu

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