Can a Returning Expat Bring a Car?

Question: I am a Vietnamese German who has applied for permission to return to Viet Nam to live. I don’t have a German driving license yet so can I bring my car and be exempt from tax?
Answer: According to Joint Circular No. 27/2001/TTLT-BTM-TCHQ dated December 6, 2001 issued by the Trade Ministry and the General Department of Customs, an overseas Vietnamese can import one and only one car duty free if it is personal property that the owner has been using in his place of domicile, and only after obtaining approval from the Ministry of Public Security.
The car must be no more than five years old; it must have left-hand drive and its engine must run on unleaded petroleum.
Furthermore, the vehicle must have been registered for a minimum of six months prior to its arrival in Viet Nam or prior to the date of repatriation approval.
The circular also mentions that the vehicle’s owner must have a valid driving license and must produce a notarized copy of the original and a Vietnamese translation.
As you don’t have a German driving license, you cannot import your car.

Source: TT – Translated by Yen Chuong

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