Discotheque staff caught red-handed peddling drugs

Police officials on April 17 caught red-handed a staff of 02 Gold Club in Ho Chi Minh City peddling drugs to customers.

Tran Ngoc Quoc Cuong, 34, a staff of 02 Gold Club was caught peddling drugs and search revealed him in possession of 36 pink drug tablets and a bag full of powdered synthetic drugs.

At the police station, Cuong confessed to providing drugs to young dancers at the discotheque. From his statement, police officers arrested Tran Ho Nghia, 30, from Go Vap District and Nguyen Van Phuoc, 27, from District 7, for involvement in the ring providing drugs to dancers in HCMC.

Later police officers raided the 02 Gold Club on Ho Huan Nghiep Street in Ben Nghe Ward in District 1, the largest discotheque in Ho Chi Minh City on April 18. Many police officers blocked the entrances and exits of the discotheque while other officers conducted an inspection of the place.

At that time, many young dancers were still dancing at the club even though the permitted operating hours for the club were already over. When dancers saw the police officers, they tried to throw away their drugs or hide them.

Police later escorted a number of alleged providers of drugs to the station for further questioning. More than 50 dancers could not produce legal documents. Police officers also issued fines to the discotheque for violations such as staff working without labor contracts, opening beyond permitted hours, and selling foreign-imported wines without clear markings of origin.

The 02 Gold Club is considered a high end luxury club that attracts hundreds of young men and women, usually operating till wee hours of morning. On several previous occasions the club has been fined, many times for the same reasons.

By Duc Minh, Doan Hiep -Translated by Uyen Phuong

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