Gang targeting tourists captured by Ho Chi Minh City police

A gang of robbers who targeted tourists in Ho Chi Minh City was arrested by PC14 police on Monday.

A vice gang robs fortune and keeps illegal foreign visitors.

Gang members, posing as tour guides, enticed foreign tourists to drink beer with waitresses. Police said the gang arranged for the tourists to be presented with bills many times higher than they should have been. 

If the tourists didn’t have enough money to pay the bill, the gang members attacked them and robbed them of any valuables. Sometimes, tourists were taken hostage and forced to withdraw money from ATMs.

If the tourist could not withdraw enough money from an ATM, the gang made them call relatives to send more money.

Police of PC14 said the gang members arrested were: Nguyen Thanh Do (born 1983, in Tien Giang Province); Tran Manh Ninh (born 1987, in Ninh Binh Province); Hoang Minh Thanh (born 1976, in Thanh Hoa Province); Nguyen Anh Tuan (born 1982, in Ninh Binh Province); and Nguyen Duc Tiep (born 1980, in Dac Lak Province), all temporary residents of Binh Thanh and Phu Nhuan districts.

After many days tailing the gang, on Sunday at 8:30 p.m., investigators spotted Nguyen Thanh Do in Bui Vien Street in District 1 making friends two Japanese visitors,  Nakagami Daisule and Yuki Masahiko. He took the two visitors to a restaurant in Binh Thanh District, where they drank with three waitresses.

At the end of the night, Do gave the two Japanese tourists a bill for US$618, plus a $620 tip for the waitresses. The bill should have been only VND1.8 million.

Discovering the Japanese tourists only had $620 in their pockets, Linh, Thanh, Tuan and Diep attacked. They took the identity papers of two Japanese visitors and held Nakagami hostage while they took Yuki to an ATM to withdraw money.

While Yuki was withdrawing money, police appeared and arrested the criminals and rescued the Japanese visitors.

Gang members confessed to committing many crimes, robbing tourists of hundreds of dollars at a time, since 2005.

Since the start of this year, they committed 20 such robberies using the same method, police said.

PC 14 are searching for three other suspects and investigating the gang’s possible involvement in other crimes.


By D.Loan- Translated by Thanh Huong

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