Illegal racers arrested by traffic police

An illegal racer signs his violation report. (PhotoL SGGP)

Traffic police in Binh Thanh District arrested hundreds of riders for illegal racing and confiscated nearly 200 two-wheelers in a raid on March 6.

Brash young people usually hold illegal races in Dien Bien Phu, Hoang Hoa Tham, No Trang Long, Nguyen Xi and Bach Dang streets of Binh Thanh District and on Truong Son Street in Tan Binh District, creating chaos and public disorder besides being a menace to other traffic users.

The police clam down was an effort to stamp out this problem in which there is enough evidence to prosecute at least 14 cases for criminal offence.

By Thanh An, Hoang Hiep – Translated by Phong Linh

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