Law Office Closed For Anti-State Activities

The management board of the Ha Noi Bar Association decided to remove Nguyen Van Dai and Le Thi Cong Nhan from the list of Ha Noi’s registered lawyers at a meeting on Sunday based on their alleged involvement in anti-state activities.

Nguyen Van Dai signs the Police’s statement

The association’s chairman, Vuong Trong The, said the board will present the Ministry of Justice and Ha Noi’s Justice Department with a petition for the withdrawal of the Thien An Law Office’s operating license.

Earlier, on March 2, the Ha Noi Police prosecuted Nguyen Van Dai, Head of the Thien An Law Office, and Le Thi Cong Nhan, a lawyer with the firm, for spreading propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.

The Ha Noi Investigation and Security Police arrested the two defendants, both residents of Ha Noi, on March 6.

Nguyen Van Dai, 38, who is also the Director of the Viet Luat Translation and Consulting Company, and Le Thi Cong Nhan, 28, were arrested under Viet Nam’s Penal Code, Term 88, Article 1, points a and c.

After searching the residences of the two defendants the police seized numerous documents containing distorted information regarding the country’s current situation, inflammatory statements against the Government, and information related to the establishment of reactionary organizations opposing the State.

The initial results of the investigation showed that under a reactionary organizations’ sponsorship, Dai took advantage of state permission to establish his legal practice by using it as a vehicle for the spread of propaganda, to gather forces and conspire with political opportunists and hostile forces, both at home and abroad.

He is alleged to have been paid US$700 per month for these activities.

Dai supposedly told his staff to meet on a daily basis with extremists in order to collect information regarding the status of Viet Nam’s socio-political and religious system for use by anti-state parties abroad.

He is also alleged to have called weekly meetings with Vietnamese expatriate reactionaries such as Hoang Minh Chinh and Nguyen Van Ly to plot subversive activities.

Le Thi Cong Nhan

Le Thi Cong Nhan is accused of actively helping Nguyen Van Dai in the case, according to the initial results of the investigation. Nhan registered to work at the Thien An Law Office in 2005.

It is claimed that she has engaged in anti-government activities since April 2006 when she supported a “Declaration of freedom and democracy for Viet Nam 2006” and joined the Group 8406 (also called “Bloc 8406”) established by Nguyen Van Ly.

Nhan worked with Ly and others during July 2006 in Hue to prepare documents publicly declaring the formation of the “Viet Nam Advancement Party”.

She was also the author of “The Truth Behind the Removal of Decision 31/CP of April 14, 1997”.

She was invited to a conference, which she is said to have prepared documents for, on labor rights in late 2006, held by a Vietnamese organization named “Dan Chim Viet” (A flock of Vietnamese birds) in Poland, aiming to establish an independent union.

She is also accused of taking part in interviews with foreign news and radio agencies, and spreading propaganda and distorted views on the internet since she became the spokesperson of the “Viet Nam Advancement Party”.

More seriously, Nhan opened courses on human rights and democracy at the law office to lure forces hostile to the State of Viet Nam.

These alleged acts run counter to the interests of the nation and people, seriously violating Viet Nam’s laws.

By Nam Quoc – Translated by Yen Chuong

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