Legislators Discuss Bill on Organ Donations

The National Assembly’s full-time deputies in their Wednesday session made suggestions for the bill on donation and transplant of organs.

The future law on these issues must be as specific as possible because the issues relate to citizens’ rights stated in the Civil Law, said NA vice chairman Nguyen Van Yeu.

Many legislators agreed with the detail in the bill that organ donors must be over 18, but disagreed with the point that the organ donor must get a nod from his or her parents.

However, another idea was that people aged between 16 and 18 can donate their organs in some special cases such as when their relatives are in danger. 

“For example, a marrow transplant is needed for a blood cancer case but the donor must be within the family,” said Truong Thi Mai of Tra Vinh Province.

The bill says that people cannot take a dead person’s organs for transplants unless the person holds an organ donation certificate, agreeing to give organs after his or her death. As for those under 18 or without the certificate, donations must be approved by the parents or representative.

Nguyen Van Thuan disagreed with this regulation, saying that the organ donor’s approval is a must for all cases.

Many legislators said they want regulations on organ donations from those dying in traffic accidents. Do Ngoc Quang of Bac Ninh Province said that the law should allow medical workers to take away the dead persons’ organs for transplants, and that other countries allow this.

However, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai Thu, chief of the NA Committee for Social Issues, said this should not always be so, just possible when the victims had agreed to donate their organs before, or their relatives agree.

In another issue, most legislatives agreed with the bill that private organizations are allowed to set up banks of organs. But others disagreed, saying that such banks are still quite new and private organizations should not be allowed to join because law is still not strict enough to prevent organ trading.

The panel responsible for the bill weighed the ideas. Then, Ms. Thu, on behalf of the panel, said private organizations should be allowed to set up such banks. She added the bill already bans organ trading, so the point is how to control these organ banks.

However, NA deputy Truong Thi Mai said the bill has only one article on organ banks, so more are needed to ensure feasibility.

Reported by Bao Minh – Translated by Tuong Thuy

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