Police discover fake milk producer

Police in Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Chanh District June 27 arrested Le Tan Phuoc, 33, from the Mekong delta of Vinh Long  for producing fake milk and cheating customers.

The Department of Criminal Investigation Police in Economic Management and Positions June 26 raided a house in Village 2 in Vinh Loc A Commune of Binh Chanh District where Le Tan Phuoc is temporarily residing.

Police detected twenty two of sugar bags, eight powdered bags, 19 bags of Chinese-made materials for making milk; manufacturing machines and nearly 1,000 cans of baby formula milk without origin and some of them are expired.

These cans were labeled with various brands such as Pi-Go, Gina milk and PhysoGrow, but the goods owner Phuoc Sinh Loc Food Trading and Processing Co., Ltd., failed to show documents to prove the goods’ origin.

Phuoc confessed that he started manufacturing milk and business from 2009. He was granted a business license to open Phuoc Sinh Loc Company at E8, DC17 Street in Son Ky Ward in Tan Phu District, in 2013, and then opened a branch in Vinh Loc A Commune.

Yet fake milk has been mixed in another house to hide his misdeed. He just mixed sugar, powdered milk, whey to make a can of milk and launch it to the market. He has launched 2,000 kilogram of milk cans per month to profit hundreds of million VND.

By Tuan Vu – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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