Proceedings filed against Director of Hoai Duc Hospital

Police in Hanoi have transferred relevant documents to the People’s Procuracy for moving criminal proceedings against ten medical workers of Hoai Duc General Hospital for faking medical records.

Criminal proceedings will be filed against the Head, the Deputy Head of Hoai Duc General Hospital and the Head of Department of Diagnostics. They are being charged for ‘taking advantage of their position while on duty’ and ‘lack of responsibility leading to serious consequences’.

According to police investigation, the medical workers were instructed by Liem and Vuong Thi Kim Thanh to fake medical records so as to enhance their earnings at the hospital.

As a consequence, from August 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013 Thanh and accomplices in the Department of Diagnostics had carried out 24,857 blood tests of which 1,495 patients were given the same test results.

The medical workers profited VND16.5 million (US$781.872) from innocent patients. Director Liem admitted his mistake and lax in management but denied instructing forging of test results.

However, his Deputy Nguyen Thi Nhien and medical workers of the Department of Diagnostics confessed that Liem had assigned staff to forge the tests of patients. The staff took blood samples but later threw them away without testing.

Nhien and other medical workers added that Liem and Thanh had ordered five staff of the Department of Diagnostics to admit their faults to police so that Liem and Thanh would bear less responsibilty of the case. 

By Minh Khang - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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