Those seriously violating food safety regulation to be prosecuted

Early discovering, handling all violations of food safety as per the law and suspending operation, revoking certificates of food hygiene and even prosecuting if it is serious and recurring violation.

In its document sent to municipal and provincial people’s committee chairpersons on March 12, the Food Safety Inter-Department Steering Board asked the departments of health, related agencies and authorities to tighten control over food safety and hygiene to caterers and eateries across the country.

Following the document, local government should increase inspection and irregular check to catering companies. Inspection includes origin of food materials, facility, processing equipment, preservation methods and transportation.

Food safety watchdogs will publicize the names of violating companies and inspection results on media.

According to the Food Safety Inter-Department Steering Board, at present, many catering companies are mushrooming to deliver meals to enterprises and schools. Last time, though food safety watchdogs conducted inspection to catering companies across the country, the danger of using food without certificates of origin and unsafe processing of food has still occured.

For instance on March 9, following the tip of residents, food safety watchdogs discovered a catering company use stale fish, meat and perishable vegetable to cook meals for students of Long Binh Primary School in Bau Bang District of the southern province of Binh Duong.

By Nguyen Quoc – translated by Uyen Phuong

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