Le Hong Van – Scientific Doctor of Micro Geometry

Le Hong Van, a female scientific doctor, is working for a famous research institute of advanced mathematics in Paris, France. Being devoted to her career and research, she has been to the former Soviet Union, Japan, China, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, France, etc. for international mathematic conferences and researches.
Scientist Abdus Salam, a Nobel Prize winner, awards the ICTP's prize to Vietnamese mathematician Le Hong Van.

Born to an intellectual family in Ha Noi, Dr. Le Hong Van is the second of three daughters of Mr. Le Van Giang, former Deputy Minister of Higher Education a Vocational Training. Her sisters Le Hoang Lan and Le Ngoc Mai are Doctor of Biology and Doctor of Linguistics respectively. 

As a junior student, she was trained in a selective class for gifted students in mathematics at Ha Noi University. She was then sent to Lomonosov University, the well-known university of the former Soviet Union, and graduated with a doctorate degree at the age of 28. This was considered as a “phenomenon” proving intelligence and talent of women in general and Vietnamese women in particular, remarked Russian academician Nikulin, a Scholar of Vietnamese Studies.

She was the only female scientist from developing countries given an award by International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), said Professor G.Ghihardi of ICTP. This significant event was reported in the booklet People and Places and the Italian newspaper Trieste. She was also the winner of a credit award by Moscow Association of Mathematics where the world’s leading mathematicians have been plying their talents.

Dr Le Hong Van is one of only three female doctors of Math in Viet Nam so far. The others are Dr.Hoang Xuan Sinh and Dr.Nguyen Thi Thien Hoa. She is now living with her husband, Genetic Doctor Karsten Friztsche, and her two children in Leipzig, Germany.

By Ham Chau – Translated by Yen Chuong

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